Black Books Weekend

Each year thousands of people – educators, concerned parents, community leaders, authors, poets and publishers – devote their time and resources to presenting the reader with great books! However, too many outstanding books do not get the attention and reader support that they deserve. We want to help with this state of affairs, so we encourage readers to purchase books to give as gifts 365 days a year.


Black Books Weekend Day 1 –
Black Books Weekend Day 2 –
Black Books Weekend Day 3 –
Black Books Weekend Day 4 –
Black Books Weekend Day 5 –


Join Ella Curry and 40+ authors in the BAN Radio Chatroom as we celebrate 10 years of service!  Our publishing friends have donated over 200 books for the readers and several other book related gifts. The authors, speakers and featured books are listed on each show page. Enjoy!  Give books at gifts 365 days a year!  Don’t forget to share with friends.  #BlackBooksMatter


EDC Creations is proud to announce the launch of the 2018-2020 Seducing the Pen Audio Tour  AND the Storytellers Book & Blog Tour, introducing readers to awesome women who write with purpose and have profound messages in their books! Our goal is to help improve our visibility in the reading world. You can join the campaign too, by sharing all of my book tour related posts for the month!

The EDC Creations Sponsored Tours are geared toward introducing authors to avid readers! Readers can visit the main tour page and find out more about each author:


Let’s all agree to “Give the Gift of Knowledge” and help to strengthen our future generations by sharing our wonderful literary legacy…Give Book as Gifts 365! Please consider sharing this post and the featured books with your network too! Thank you for your support.





Black Books Weekend Day 1 –
Featured Authors, Speakers and Community Leaders

– Black Cotton by Tomeekha Pitre
– Is It Nighttime, Nina? by Zanetta Tribble
– Multicultural Children’s Books by Quentin Holmes
– Zach and His Cat by Vera Harris
– Longtale Children’s Books by Duane Filer
– Soul Movement with Cheryl Polote Williamson
– Carver Park by Dr. Lynda J. Mubarak
– Nandi’s Unexpected Gift by Ama Kuma
– The Hair Adventures of Princess Lindsey Sidney by Eartha Dunston
– Turning Trials Into Triumphs by Michelle Chavis, Venita Alderman Sadler and Shavonna Futrell



Black Books Weekend Day 2 –
Featured Authors, Speakers and Community Leaders

Opening: Carver Park by Dr. Lynda J. Mubarak

– The Underwoods of Napa Valley feature-length film by Janice L. Dennie
– A View from Harlem by Tracey Fagan Danzey
– Hollywood Skye by Suzetta Perkins
– Karma 2 by Antoinette R. Davis
– That Church Life by Teresa B.
– I Believe in Butterflies by Marian L. Thomas
– Crossed Expectations by Lonz Cook
– Red September by Marita Berry
– The Journey of Ruthie Belle by Imani Wisdom



Black Books Weekend Day 3 –
Featured Authors and Writers

– Emancipating James by Joan Vassar
– Abuse of Discretion by Pamela Samuels Young
– A Touch of Love by Sheryl Lister
– No Regrets by Patricia Haley-Glass


Book Club Town Hall Featured Literary Community Leaders
Tribute to Tanishia Pearson-Jones, Characters Book Club

*Elizabeth Reddick – Go on Girl Bookclub

* Ramunda Lark Young, MahoganyBooks

* Kim Knight, Between the Lines Bookstore, LLC

* Kenya Ervin, SoulSistahs Book Club Tennessee

* Diane P. Rembert, Diamond’s Literary World, Literary Blog

* Sharon Blount, Building Relationships Around Books (BRAB

* The Unique, Sophisticated, Girlfriends Inspirational Reading and Literary Society

* U.S. G.I.R.L.S Book Club Members on BAN Radio Show
–Jennie (JayBee) Blue
–Valerie Jefferson
–Ardee Harris
–Celeste Merrix
–Kim Davis



Black Books Weekend Day 4 –
Featured Authors, Speakers and Community Leaders

* 8:00 – Black Hearts White Minds: A Novel by Mitch Margo
* 8:15 – Seducing Abby Rhodes by J.D. Mason
* 8:30 – Sin of a Woman by Kimberla Lawson Roby
* 8:45 – Broken Conditions by Jo Lena Johnson
* 9:00 – Books and Coaching with Nikki Woods
* 9:15 – To Find You by Cerece Rennie Murphy




Black Books Weekend Day 5 –
Featured Authors, Speakers and Community Leaders

– The Legend of Diddley Squatt by Duane Filer
– Sister Betty Says I Do by Pat G’Orge-Walker
– Beautiful Imperfections by Marjorie Vernelle
– Running In Plain Sight & Other Stories by Charles R. Butts Jr.


Panel Discussion: Getting Some of Her Own
New Faces of Marketing and PR. Discussing Marketing Top-selling Books. Branding. Community Building.

Featured Authors, Speakers and Community Leaders

Speaker 1: Julian B. Kiganda, Bold & Fearless

Speaker 2: Christine K. St. Vil, Moms N Charge

Speaker 3: Ella Curry, EDC Creations Media Group

Speaker 4: Missy B. Salick, Virgo Girl Editor-in-Chief

Speaker 5: Joylynn M. Ross, “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” Conference

Speaker 6: Pat G’Orge-Walker, Author and Christian comedienne Sister Betty


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