Dr. Shauntey James

A Tia Taylor Mystery: The Locked Room by Dr. Shauntey James

Within an old-fashioned bookstore’s mysterious embrace, the captivating Dr. Raven Johnson, affectionately known as Aunt Ray, and her spirited niece, Tia Taylor, unwittingly become prisoners of a tantalizing enigma. Their predicament unfolds within the confines of a murder mystery locked room event, where the air grows heavy with suspense, and every word exchanged seems fraught with hidden meaning.

With an eerie creak, the ancient key turns in the lock, sealing the room’s entrance behind them and leaving the guests with no option but to confront the mysterious puzzle that looms. The oppressive atmosphere inside the locked room tightens its grip as time passes. Tia must solve the mystery and figure out the truth. Every whisper of the past may hold the key to the present, and the walls seem to pulse with the secrets of those who have crossed their threshold.

In this spellbinding narrative of tension and deduction, Aunt Ray and Tia are led solely by their unwavering determination to break free and, in doing so, rescue Aunt Ray, whose fate hangs in the balance.

Meet Dr. Shauntey James
Championing the voices of the marginalized has been a central pursuit of Dr. James from her early undergraduate days. This drive fueled her aspirations for a law degree, propelling her into the realm of alternative pathways to amplify these often-overlooked perspectives. While her educational journey paved the way for numerous opportunities, she swiftly recognized the effecting substantial and enduring transformation hinges on personal initiatives to educate across diverse strata of society.

With this revelation, Dr. James has intentionally embarked on a mission to impart tangible skills that hold the potential to reshape the future landscape. This mission is realized through the strategic mentorship of the upcoming generation. Through dynamic presentations, immersive workshops, and insightful publications, she empowers the next cohort of advocates with the tolls and knowledge they need to create immediate and enduring shifts. In this deliberate endeavor, Dr. James is not merely disseminating knowledge; she’s cultivating change agents who will drive societal progress forward.

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