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Monica “Dr. mOe” Anderson is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, motivational speaker, widely published journalist, and Doctor of Dental Surgery. For almost three decades, she has motivated and inspired others through her speaking engagements, media appearances, podcasts, videos, books, articles, and professional development coaching.

She has published seven books, including four novels, Sinphony, When A Sistah’s Fed Up, I Stand Accused, and Never Close Your Heart; and three nonfiction books, Black English Vernacular, Mom, Are We There Yet?, and Success Is A Side Effect.

In 1996, she made history as the first African American columnist for the Arlington Star-Telegram. The popularity of her articles led to a weekly editorial for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a leading Texas newspaper. Her editorials have appeared in news outlets across the country.

Dr. mOe presents workshops to corporate, university, and civic groups, as well as, professional associations. She has lectured throughout the United States and internationally.

An advocate for social change, Dr. mOe incorporates her wry wit into all her activities from boardrooms to classrooms. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and Baylor University but her most treasured credentials are mother of two, grandmother, and cancer survivor!

Currently, she is writing her next novel and working as a dental consultant for a national benefits administration company. Dr. mOe divides her time between Austin, Texas, and Grand Prairie, Texas.

Among the many hats that Dr. mOe wears regularly – her books, motivational speeches and podcasts keep her in heavy demand! She is eager to leverage her knowledge and skillset to fire up your next event.

BPM: Please share something our readers wouldn’t know about you.
A friend recently reminded me of a near-tragedy that happened to me a few years ago. I went skydiving. It was my first time so it was a tandem (two-person) dive with me and a professional. When we took off, there was only my family a handful of people around. However, when we landed on the ground in a tumble with me smiling from ear to ear, there were dozens of people standing there staring at me. They looked frightened. That’s when I learned the first parachute didn’t open. Luckily, the expert strapped to my back deployed the second chute and it worked. When they asked me how I felt about that news, I said, “I can’t worry about things that almost happened.” I am always moving forward. Even when I fall, I fall forward. That’s how I’ve survived racism, sexism, ageism, and cancer. I don’t look back.

BPM: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Funny. Caring. Detail-oriented.

BPM: I understand that you have alot going on with your speaking platform, non-fiction books, podcast and so much more! Tell us a little about each of your important endeavors!
I probably should have gone into juggling. If these other eight jobs don’t work out, I’ll give it a try. I was born a writer. Born writers can’t help but write whether anyone reads it or not. I happen to be a dentist so I have the whole right brain left brain thing going on. I can switch genres easily. I am a professional motivational speaker and I’ve spoken internationally. I became a speaker because of writing, actually. I was writing a weekly column for a major daily newspaper when my kids were young and readers started asking me to speak at various conferences. I went from the columns to a book and the rest is history if history is a tangled ball of twine. I love words and they come out of me in various ways. It may be my blog, podcast, a YouTube video, a story I made up, or facts I’ve assembled for a dental journal. I can’t say it’s much different to me. If I can empower, educate, or entertain people with words wherever or however, I am happy. I am operating in my gift.

BPM: Tell us about writing your first book in this series. What was the journey like?
I wrote When A Sistah’s Fed Up about ten years ago. I was a recently divorced mother of two teenage boys. After writing for a newspaper and various magazines for years, I had written a “literary” manuscript that was rejected by everyone in publishing before the divorce. I was told over and over that book was too tame and I wasn’t a household name. So I was feeling some kind of way. I decided that if people want drama, sex, and baptist church Olympics, I’ll give it to them. I self-published because I was sick of rejection and to my surprise I landed on several bestseller lists including Essence. I took myself on a multi-state 25-city tour and had the time of my life. The journey was like a classroom from hell but the graduation was awesome.

BPM: Wow, ten years later! Introduce us to your most recent work in this series. Available on Nook and Kindle?
Never Close Your Heart is the stand-alone sequel to When A Sistah’s Fed Up. It’s a decade later literally and we revisit the Henry family. Faith is no longer Mayor. She is now a popular podcaster and grandmother. Her long time man-friend is fed up with her. She refuses to marry him so he is moving on. He’s drawn a line and she hates that line more than anything in the world. Faith’s daughter, Sloane, has boomeranged into Faith’s home with a gender-fluid son, Ever, and a timid husband who needs to man up. Sloane has gotten herself into some serious trouble so she’s on probation, wearing an ankle monitor, and trying to avoid prison housing. Out of ideas, Faith drags her daughter to meet with The Counsel, the seasoned Saints at their church. What happens next is available on Amazon exclusively in eBook and print until late January.

Take a peek inside and read the first 3 chapters of Never Close Your Heart:

BPM: Can you share with us something about the book that isn’t in the blurb?
Never close your heart and never leave your edible brownies where a 10-year-old can find them. I think that scene is the funniest thing I’ve written.

BPM: Is writing easy for you? Did you ever take classes in writing?
Writing is easy for me but good writing requires patience, practice, and professional development. I have taken countless classes and will continue to do so. Early in my career, I had writing coaches. Now, I work with great editors. You haven’t been to school until you get a bloody manuscript back from your editor. Oy vey! I bet Justin Timberlake wrote the lyrics to “Cry Me A River” seeing the markup on a 300-page Word document.

BPM: Do you feel lonely being a writer during the creative process?
No. I feel lonely in a room full of people who are emotionally unavailable. When I am writing for hour after hour, day after day, I am simply alone. I have my characters talking to me. I am never lonely when they’re around.

BPM: Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips self-care for creative folks?
Make dates with your friends or family at least twice a week and keep them. It’s like an artificial deadline to keep you focused and maintain engagement with real people. Exercise at least 4 times a week. Healthy writers sell more books. Drink a lot of water. It’s good for your complexion and it makes you stop writing periodically for bathroom breaks. Return calls and emails asap. People notice when they only hear from you because you are selling something. Most importantly, get a standing desk and have Siri, Alexa, Bixby or your baby’s daddy/mama remind you to stand or sit every 90 minutes. That helps your circulation. “Sitting disease” is a thing and it can kill you. Facts.

BPM: How can readers discover more about you and your work? Do you Zoom?
Readers, please visit my website, subscribe to my podcast (Perpetual Moetion with Dr. mOe Anderson), and subscribe to my YouTube channel. You may also connect with me on social media @drmOeanderson. I love interviews, speaking to groups, and meeting with book clubs. I do have a day job as a full-time Dental Consultant so eves and weekends are preferred. I Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Duo and make phone calls.

About the When A Sistah’s Fed Up Series

When A Sistah’s Fed Up (Book 1) by Monica F. Anderson

“…an engaging debut novel with the perfect balance of well-developed characters, honest dialogue, and Dr. Moes’ trademark brand of humor!”
–Victoria Christopher Murray, National Bestselling Author

Mayor Faith Henry is beautiful, successful, married to her college sweetheart, and she has “almost perfect” children. So why is she unhappy and who is trying to kill her? When her darkest secret is revealed during her re-election campaign, she drops in the polls and falls into the arms of her handsome assistant. It’s the test of a lifetime with no easy answers. Have you ever been fed up?

Never Close Your Heart (Book 2) by Monica F. Anderson
All Faith Henry wanted was peace. She gave up almost everything to have it. She resigned from her position as mayor, filed for divorce, and sold her dream home, vowing no job or man would ever control her again.

Ten years later, her self-made perfect life is changing directions without her consent. Her popular podcast is bringing unwanted attention from a superfan. Her millennial daughter, Sloane, has returned to the nest with an electronic ankle monitor, a gender-fluid child, a meek husband, and a bad attitude. And, worst of all, her almost perfect manfriend is fed up. Since she won’t marry him, he’s moving on. They’ve become good friends who never cross the line. She hates that line more than anything.

Out of ideas, Faith drags her daughter to group counseling with the seasoned Saints at their church. Can their collective wisdom help this mother and daughter tear down the walls and open their hearts before it’s too late?

In this riveting ten-year anniversary sequel to the Essence Bestseller When A Sistah’s Fed Up, we revisit the Henry family (Faith, Preston, Trey, Sloane, and Junior). The kids are grown and some bridges burned, but the ties that bind this All-American family don’t break–even when they wish they would.

Monica F. Anderson weaves a tale of what happens when relationships are broken and a legacy of unforgiveness is passed from one generation to the next.

Watch the video trailer for Never Close Your Heart (Book 2) by Monica F. Anderson

Download the “When A Sistah’s Fed Up” 2-Book Series
“When A Sistah’s Fed Up” (Book 1) and “Never Close Your Heart” (Book 2) View the two book series here:

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“When A Sistah’s Fed Up” (Book 1) and “Never Close Your Heart” (Book 2)

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