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Yonder Harrison and Ella D. Curry: A Literary Friendship Forged at Capital BookFest

In the vibrant heart of the literary world, amidst the bustling energy of book festivals and author signings, some connections are destined to stand out. Such was the meeting of Ella D. Curry, president of EDC Creations, and the celebrated author and poet Yonder Harrison at the Capital BookFest, a pivotal event that celebrates African-American authors and their works.

As Yonder Harrison celebrates 20 years as a published author, reflecting on his remarkable journey reveals a story of passion, dedication, and community support. His debut in 2005 with the “What I Do Is Taboo” series marked the beginning of a prolific career, one that has seen him grow into a revered figure in the literary world. This erotic collection of books, inspired by true events, follows the journeys of unique characters, blending humor and excitement with a touch of fantasy.

Capital BookFest emerged from a need to address the lack of minority representation at Washington, D.C.’s annual National Book Festival. Frustrated by this oversight, Kwame Alexander, a poet and independent producer of literary programs, launched the Capital BookFest. The first event, held in Largo, MD, aimed to create a festival venue that showcased top African-American authors, providing them with the spotlight they deserved.

It was against this backdrop that Ella D. Curry and Yonder Harrison first crossed paths. Yonder’s journey into writing was ignited by the captivating stories of his favorite authors. Inspired by their work, he began to put his own thoughts on paper, releasing his first piece in 2005. Beyond his “What I Do Is Taboo” series, Yonder has expanded his literary repertoire to include spiritual and motivational books, as well as poetry. His ability to bring awareness to topics such as business, health, relationships, family, and faith, all while infusing humor into the challenges of everyday life, has endeared him to many readers.

At Capital BookFest, Ella D. Curry recognized the talent and potential in Yonder. As the president of EDC Creations, a multimedia company dedicated to promoting the books and authors of the African-American community, Curry saw an opportunity to support and uplift Yonder’s work. This meeting marked the beginning of a 15-year partnership, with Yonder becoming a staunch supporter of EDC Creations, the BAN Radio Show, and the Chocolate Socials.

While Yonder only appeared on the BAN Radio Show twice, his enthusiastic promotion of the show on social media significantly boosted its reach and impact. His active sharing and engagement helped attract a wider audience, fostering a sense of community among listeners and amplifying the show’s mission to showcase African-American authors, poets, and literary professionals.

Additionally, Yonder’s sponsorship of the Chocolate Socials, events organized to bring together authors and readers in an intimate setting, played a crucial role in their success. His support helped create memorable experiences for attendees and strengthened the bond between authors and their audiences.

Ella D. Curry’s EDC Creations has been instrumental in promoting African-American literature, and Yonder Harrison’s unwavering support has been a cornerstone of this mission. Their meeting at the Capital BookFest was more than just a chance encounter; it was the beginning of a collaboration that has enriched the literary landscape and provided a platform for voices that deserve to be heard.

As Yonder Harrison celebrates 20 years as a published author, his partnership with Ella D. Curry continues to inspire and support the literary community. Their shared passion for literature and commitment to promoting diversity ensure that their influence will be felt for many more years to come.

What I Do Is Taboo Series by Yonder Harrison

What I Do Is Taboo Series by Yonder Harrison
Erotic in nature, but also hilarious and exciting, this collection of short stories, inspired by true events, gives you insight into a whole new world of fantasy…or is it? In Maggie’s Madness, Maggie cautiously explores the contetns of a woman’s goodie bag. The contents of this bag are for her total pleasure. You may be surprised to know that women carry in their cars! In Feening in 1988, Mr. Roarke has quite a reputation for making young ladies wildest fantasies come true. Can he use his bedroom skills to fulfill one last fantasy – his own? Enjoy the erotic, funny, roller coaster ride. What I Do Is Taboo is a page-turner; you won’t put the book down until you’re finished!

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