Patricia A. Bridewell

Patricia A. Bridewell is a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She holds Adjunct Nursing Faculty positions at several universities, two of which are UCLA School of Nursing and Santa Monica College.

Her short story appears in the Brown Girls Books Anthology Single Mama Dating Drama, an African American Literature Book Club (AALBC) two-time Best Selling book. Her fourth novel, Two Steps Past the Altar, was released by Tymm Publishing in 2018.

Patricia’s next novel, Rhythm Bay Love, and a short story contribution to the Brown Girls Books Anthology – Confessions: Secrets and Lies Revealed will be published in June 2020. Her church home is West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

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BPM: Please share something our readers wouldn’t know about you.

Many people may not know that I have a deep passion for music, in addition to reading and writing. Music and prayer are my therapies.

BPM: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Blessed, compassionate, and hard-working.

BPM: Introduce us to your most recent work, Rhythm Bay Love. Available on Nook and Kindle?

I am excited about my fifth novel, Rhythm Bay Love. The story is about two hard-working people who are seeking love. Jada Carson and Antoine Bailey clash from day one after he is hired at a popular radio station in Los Angeles. Once they settle their differences, their work relationship improves, and they discover both have a lot in common. After their romance begins, personal issues and drama threaten to destroy their blossoming relationship. The book will be on Nook and Kindle after.

BPM: Tell us a little about your creative process. Do you use a computer or write out the story by hand?

When a story comes to mind, I jot it down on paper, or if I’m at home I type the information on my laptop. Once I determine a possible storyline, I write the synopsis, and build the story from that. I must know what the main characters look like, and they also must have names before I can move on. After I have all the characters’ information, the story becomes easier to write.

BPM: Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips self-care for creative folks?

My advice is take your time. Write, but make sure that you take breaks to eat, drink water, do stretches or exercise, and get enough sleep. I usually have tension when I am trying to finish my book, and at times I have done what I call my “all night marathons” of writing. I’m trying to change that habit because it throws my sleep cycle off.

BPM: How can readers discover more about you and your work?

They can go Author Central on and view my books and to my website

BPM: Do you have a Goodreads, BookBub™ or Facebook community?

Yes. I am on Facebook, Instagram, GoodReads, Twitter, and I have a blog. They can also Google Patricia A. Bridewell and find out more about me. I live in California. There is another author with the same name who lives in the south, and she has been one of my biggest supporters over the years.


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