Miami Beat: The Secret Society by Frederica Burden

Miami Beat: The Secret Society by Frederica Burden

Welcome to Miami! When the sun-kissed beaches and clear blue skies fade into the darkness things really heat up. Miami nights give way to tantalizing temptations that can excite and coerce the darkness out of even the best of us. Sidney is learning this the hard way.

A young, vibrant woman, Sidney is on a mission to pursue her dreams. Unbeknownst to everyone else, Sidney also has a goal that she will stop at nothing to see through.

Losing her father to police brutality at a very young age became the catalyst in Sidney’s life, setting her family on a spiral that she desperately tries to end.

Once an Explorer in the police department, she learned a great deal about law enforcement, which she intends to use to bring her father’s killers to justice. The only thing standing in her way is her heart. There are two love interests in Sidney’s life and she’s forced to choose.

Two is company…
Major Marcus Mystic is her former boss and her current love interest. Since the day she met him, she has been fixated on the handsome, intelligent, virile man. A complex man with an even more complicated home life, Mystic has secrets that could get them both killed. Will Sidney be the one to save him or will their love lead to destruction?

Three is a crowd…
Officer Arturo Garcia is her former coworker and mentor. A sexy police officer with a rough edge and muscular body, Garcia has had Sidney’s attention for years. There’s no denying the red-hot attraction between the two. There’s also no denying the secrets that threaten to explode in a fiery storm engulfing them all in flames. Everyone won’t make it out alive.

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EXCERPT: Miami Beat: The Secret Society by Frederica Burden


The sound of glass breaking woke Sidney Stevens from a deep slumber. Frightened, she climbed out of bed and put her feet in her slippers. She could hear voices. Familiar voices, but the tone was completely off.

Terrified, she crept out of bed to investigate the noises. She slowly walked out to the living room and watched in horror as her world shattered right in front of her.

Her father’s right hand was gripped tightly around her mother’s throat. Sidney screamed in horror as she watched her father holding her mother in the air, by her throat. Next to them, lay two empty bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label, her father’s favorite whiskey.

Clawing at his arms, her mother tried desperately to break free from his stranglehold. “Stop it!” Sidney screamed at the top of her lungs, praying that her father would let go. Her mother’s beautiful butter pecan complexion was now beet red. It seemed as if her mother, Florence Stevens, was going to die right before her eyes. Sidney didn’t know what to do, but she knew that if she didn’t act fast, her mother would be dead. Luckily, she didn’t have to contemplate her next move for long.

Sidney heard a sudden bang on the door and jumped as five police officers stormed their home. One cop lifted her up in his arms so quickly it felt like she was flying. He sat her in the kitchen as the other cops questioned her father, Randy Stevens, Sr.

Sidney tried to peer around the corner to see what was happening with her parents, but the cop who picked her up began talking to her. “What is your name? How old are you? Tell me what happened,” he asked as she tried to make sense of it all.

Things flew across the room, shattering, as she heard raised voices. Sidney listened to her mother begging for her father’s release. “Let him go!” Florence cried as a wrestling match ensued in the other room.

Suddenly a scream ripped through the air, and Sidney jumped in fear for the second time that night. Running in the living room, she saw her father sprawled on the hardwood floor with four cops kicking him. They pounded on him while one kept repeating to him, “Stop resisting, sir.”

“I’m not resisting,” her father cried. “I didn’t do anything wrong! Get out of my house,” Randy yelled between kicks and pelts. He covered his head and tried to protect his body, but to no avail. They were whooping him as he cried out in pain.

“Where are you taking him?” Florence cried in fear as one of the officers handcuffed her injured husband. “Downtown, Ma’am,” he said as a tall blonde officer with sunburned skin began to read Randy his Miranda rights.

“Do you understand your rights?” the blonde officer questioned after he read Randy his Miranda rights. When Randy didn’t respond, the officer kicked him in the chest. Coughing up blood, her father responded, “Yes” and lowered his head in defeat.

The commotion woke Sidney’s brothers, Randy Stevens, Jr. and Cero Stevens, who were holding on to their father for dear life. “Take them in the bedroom Florence!” Randy, Sr. yelled to his inconsolable wife, but Florence couldn’t hear him. She was too busy crying on her knees, praying for God to intervene.

Sidney kissed her father’s forehead and watched as the four officers dragged him away, forever.

( Continued… )

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