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Frederica Paremore Burden graduated from Barry University (Miami Shores, Florida) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Thomas University (Miami Gardens, Florida). She worked for 29 years with the City of Miami Police Department in various units throughout the department, including undercover details. Frederica was also a calendar model for the Police Department. She is the current Director of Diversity and TV Drama/ Show Creator/ Head Writer and Executive Producer of Miami Beat. You can learn more about upcoming show releases at

Rollo C. Robertson, CEO of Rollo Robertson Productions, is known for Brotherhood of Silver, BoS and BoS: Knights. His production company was founded in 2012 as a way to create original content for television. Based in the Philadelphia, PA metro area. RRP started out airing one show on a single independent station in New Jersey. Brotherhood of Silver reached viewers across PA, NJ, and DE and gained enough viewership to receive a .3 share of Nielsen ratings. RRP now has a portfolio of shows from police dramas to slice-of-life sitcoms. He has been married to Jessica Robertson since April 10, 2010. They have one child. You can learn more about RRP at

Rollo Robertson, CEO of Rollo Robertson Productions
Writer. Producer. Director.

Miami Beat has garnered a significant following in its book form. How does it feel to finally bring these vivid characters to life on the screen? Introduce the characters!

We are so excited that Miami Beat is being peeled off the pages and coming to life. You will actually be able to see the faces that you have only imagined from my description in the book. Marcus Mystic with his body of a Greek God and his smell of fresh citrus and that island tan skin. Sidney’s beautiful and bubbly, Randy his hard core thugging but oh so ever handsome, and Garcia will take your breath away, Spencer will seduce the pants off a statue if he had the chance, and the statue would comply…that’s how much talent he has if you know what I mean. BUT Vondra….yall know where there is smoke, there is always fire. Vondra with her mocha color will continue to bring the heat.

Mystic will stop at nothing to win the love of his life, Sidney, even if it means getting rid of his ever so devious wife Vondra. But don’t think she doesn’t know, and have made plans of her own. She definitely believes in til death do us part. Spencer will be there for Sidney in her time of need, until he runs into his own brick wall, that he never saw coming. So many twist and turns that you will have to take notes from one episode to the next.

Sidney seems to be the epicenter of attraction, with characters like Mystic and Spencer gravitating towards her. Can you shed some light on what makes her character so magnetic? How are you selecting the cast?

I envision Sidney as a beautiful young woman that has big goals for her future. She studies hard to achieve them but as we all have experienced, obstacles trip her up. Her looks open plenty of doors for her but will she choose the right one . I am looking for a person who can be expressive in every way on the screen. Sidney as you have read has curves and beautiful curly hair and a very positive attitude and knows when to turn on that sex appeal.

My wish list for some of my characters are Jordan Sparks or Jurnee Smollett-Bell for Sidney Stevens, Jeremy Meeks for Randy Stevens, Jr, William Levy for Arturo Garcia and Sophie Okonedo for Vondra Mystic. This is my dream team, especially for Vondra. This actress caught my eye when I first saw her.

How crucial is the role of authentic Miami locations in the narrative of “Miami Beat”, and how do you intend to intertwine the iconic landscapes of Miami and Miami Beach to elevate the storytelling? Additionally, how will the incorporation of scenes from Atlanta complement and contrast with the series’ predominant Miami ambiance?

Miami Beat is definitely based in Miami and there is nothing like seeing a movie scene and you know exactly where it is. It will be all over Miami, and parts of Miami Beach. We will also be doing some filming in Atlanta. The locations will definitely be an integral part of the storytelling, without Miami, there would be no Miami Beat. You will definitely know that you are in Miami..South Florida, Palm trees, sunshine and beauty. You’ll feel as if you were here.

Given the richly descriptive nature of your writing and the expressive emotions it evokes in readers, how do you navigate the inherent challenges of capturing that same intensity and nuance on screen, especially when considering network restrictions and boundaries?

The challenges that I face with translating the book to the screen is the actions and words. I can be as descriptive as I want to bring the readers into my world, but on the screen, some of the actions have to be toned down, unless you have your show on HBO or Showtime. I’m very expressive in my writing and I want the reader to actual feel what I’m saying. I have to find a way to come across like this on television without getting shutdown. LOL!

We all love a good love scene, and we all love when you a person gets a good cussing out, no tongue biting. This will happen, my steamy scenes will not go astray. I was told by my readers that those love scenes gave them life. There are many ways to do it, it’s just a bit more time consuming when shooting the scenes.

I think the visual of the actions of Mystic, Randy, Jr and Vondra will definitely bring reality to those books. You all will be on the edge of your seats, yelling at the TV, and coming back for more. When you here that theme music which is also fire, you will be knocking folk out of the way to get to your favorite seat to watch Miami Beat.

When transitioning from the world of literature to screen, what strategies and methodologies did you employ to adapt the books into screenplays, ensuring that the essence of the original work remains intact, while also engaging the audience in a cinematic experience? And how do you envision fostering a dynamic relationship with your fanbase as they embark on this new journey with “Miami Beat” on screen?

I have broken the books down into screenplays which gives me the leeway to take each book and turn it into a script made for the big screen and/or TV. As well as being the creator of the upcoming series, I will be one of its executive producers. I will be hand on because when you create something and you are fortunate enough to take it to the next step, you want to make sure everything is perfect.

I really hope that my supporters take to social media and let me know that the characters are on point, that we have an interactive relationship and discussions about the plot. They can actually ask questions and get the answers. Promote the series, share their “Miami Beat” nights that they all get together and watch it with discussions after each episode. I would love that, and I see it happening. There were lots of book club discussions so I know it will continue.

Given your multifaceted role at Rollo Robertson Production Company, how do you navigate the complexities of finding financing sources for a project as ambitious as the adaptation of “Miami Beat”?

I’m using traditional financing sources being that I am now a part of Rollo Robertson Production Company. I hold the title of Director of Diversity and TV Drama/ Show Creator/ Head Writer/ Executive Producer of Miami Beat. It has been challenging at times and an uphill battle but persistence and perseverance were what pulled me to where I am today.

Rollo Robertson Productions will be showcasing several new TV Shows, movies as well as Podcasts and more. Rollo and I have been working together for a few years and I’m extremely proud to be an integral part of his team.

What unique fan-centric experiences and events are you planning to bridge the gap between the literary world and the screen adaptation, ensuring that viewers are not just passive observers but active participants in the journey of “Miami Beat”?

I would love Q&A sessions after each episode, I want to have a premier red carpet event where each person dress as their favorite character of the book, and view the trailer that will lead up to the first episode. I want the readers to form watch parties and actually have the actors pop up on them. I love surprises, so be prepared. Miami Beat is about to explode.

We will visit different cities prior to the beginning of the series to get everyone hyped up and ready to view a NUMBER ONE (1) series that will blow you away. They always say the book was better. Well the books are phenomenal, if you haven’t read them, you still have time, but the series is going to be OUT OF CONTROL!! I am so excited!

With the evolving landscape of book adaptations and the pivotal role of digital platforms in driving audience engagement, how are you planning to employ innovative marketing strategies to promote both the “Miami Beat” books and the upcoming series?

I’m appreciative of you Ella for actually rebooting the trilogy of Miami Beat. I am asking that those who haven’t done so, go out and read Miami Beat The Secret Society, Miami Beat II Dilemmas, and Miami Beat III Illusions. This is what the series is based on. I was nominate for the Authors Academy Award.

My strategy is as always, social media blast. One fan posts their experience with Miami Beat, and let it catch on from there. Media frenzy as we draw closer to the release of the series and lots of faith !!!
The series will go into pre-production in late 2023-2024 and I am overly excited about it. You will begin to see little hints here and there when it draws near.

Depending on the actual network that I choose to work with, will depend on if they have a sister streaming service that will carry the series as well. Most networks have now adapted to having a streaming service connected to them so more than likely it will be so if you missed an episode, you will definitely be able to catch up before the next one.

You can view and purchase the books on or on Amazon, you can find out more about the unisex fragrance Miami Beat which smells amazing on Twitter @beatofmiami and you can view a little tease on the attached link…Stay tuned!!!

Miami Beat: The Secret Society by Frederica Burden

Welcome to Miami! When the sun-kissed beaches and clear blue skies fade into the darkness things really heat up. Miami nights give way to tantalizing temptations that can excite and coerce the darkness out of even the best of us.

Sidney is learning this the hard way.

A young, vibrant woman, Sidney is on a mission to pursue her dreams. Unbeknownst to everyone else, Sidney also has a goal and she will stop at nothing to see it through.

Losing her father to police brutality at a very young age became the catalyst in Sidney’s life, setting her family on a spiral that she desperately tries to end.

Once an Explorer in the police department, she learned a great deal about law enforcement, which she intends to use to bring her father’s killers to justice.

The only thing standing in her way is her heart. There are two love interests in Sidney’s life and she’s forced to choose.

Will her choice lead to happiness or her destruction?

Purchase your copy of Miami Beat: The Secret Society at

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