Lines that Bind Book Club

Lines that Bind Book Club, based in Atlanta, GA, was established in February 2017. The group is comprised of 5 Grown Women who have chosen to remain small for the purpose of having deep, intellectually stimulating conversations that thoroughly dissect their monthly reads on various levels. Each member is an avid reader with a strong passion for a great read. For them, the best works are those that leave them hungry for the next book.


BPM: Please tell us about your book club.  How many members do you have?
Lines that Bind Book Club originated with 3 young ladies who would discuss books in such detail during their leisure time that the idea for a book club was inevitable. Joined with an additional 3 members, Lines that Bind was formed to bond and interact on a Grown Woman’s level with a maturity that leaves the meeting refreshed and not drained. The interactions with these ladies is enlightening, they draw strength one from another from the wisdom that is embodied in them individually and collectively.


BPM: What is the purpose for your organization? Does the name of the club/blog or store have a special meaning?
The purpose of our group is to come together and share not only opinions, but experiences, failures, skills, joy, pain and laughter. Lines That Bind, while a social outlet, is also a group that hopes to make a difference in each other’s lives, their family and community. What really makes us unique is the personality that each member brings to the group; to include the realist, inspiration, pessimist, optimist and the visionary. These temperaments bring about hearty discussions and passionate dialogue that we all enjoy and look forward to.

BPM: What has the main focus become over the years? What legacy will your club or blog leave for those watching in the community?
The focus of the group has been to gain understanding from the author’s writing that can be applicable to everyday life – some of which has brought forth an enriched knowledge and some has given delightful entertainment.


BPM: Tell us about your members. What is the demographic of your group? 
Our president, Melesia Tillman brings a thirst of reading with the perspective of reality, Ziyesha Kehinde is filled with an understanding approach of reason, Shy Armstrong is our no holds barred, abrupt and to the point perspective, Antanya Chung is not only inspirational but highly intelligent in her thought process of how and why things occur in the manner that they do and Norlita Brown enlightens the group with interesting perspectives from that of an author who is also an avid reader. With each meeting we evolve, we grow, we bond.


BPM: In your opinion, what makes a good book club conversation? Do you keep the conversation on topic, or roam? Does the availability of a reading guide help with the discussion?
The availability of a reading guide helps with the organization and fleshing out of the topics to discuss. Our book club conversations stay on topic, but cover every nook and cranny as it relates to the book, the characters, the development and underdevelopment, the author’s writing style, the climaxes of the story, the highs and lows, the disappointments and satisfactions. In essence, LTB gets to the heart of the book and have even created story lines that would have also worked or that they would have loved to see transpire in the book. The conversations are topics that the authors themselves would love to be privy to before and after publication as LTB leaves no page untouched in their thought process.


BPM: How do you make your book selections for the month? When do you select the books?
The selections are made by the group for the next month during the current month’s reading selection.


BPM: Do you read and discuss books outside of the book of the month?
Yes, many of the members are avid readers and as the group has bonded through books, they continue to discuss other reads that are not included as the selection of the month.


BPM: Do you use social media to share your featured books with other readers?
LTB is currently in the embryo-tic stage, but plans to have a Facebook page in the near future where they will openly discuss the books they have read and give unbiased opinions of the author’s work from their perspective.


BPM: Do you prefer to read books by authors of color? Do you support self-published authors? Do you borrow books from the library?
Lines That Bind loves reading books by authors of color, self-published authors and they do borrow books from the library, however, they are not limited to any of these categories. They are open to all genres and all races.


BPM: What are key factors that help a book remain on your mind long after the last page?
If the book provokes an emotion, whether sadness, joy or anger; we tend to dwell on that book and look at reading more from that author.


BPM: Do you write and post book reviews to online retailers? How do you handle bad reviews or books that flopped?
LTB has written online reviews to retailers and plans to do more. We handle bad reviews or books that flopped, the only way we know how – honestly. We understand that an author will never know where their work can be strengthened if we sugarcoat or mislead them, so what we say is our honest feedback of how we felt the book read for us.


BPM: What are you reading now? How did you find out about this book? What books are on your reading schedule?
LTB is currently reading The Long Fall by Walter Mosley. We wanted to read a mystery and thought that Walter Mosley’s past work has proven to be excellent.


BPM: Do you host special events during the year or do you work for any charities? Do you get together as a group to socialize outside of your book club meetings?
Lines That Bind is very interested in hosting a few special events that would incorporate socializing and meeting of the minds with other book clubs in the metro Atlanta area. Additionally, we would like to look at working with local charity groups that encourage, promote and foster literacy. We hope to help support the value of reading in both children and adults…to assist in exploring the world through reading!


BPM: Do you primarily purchase books online or in a bookstore? Do you prefer to read digital books? Does the price of ebooks play a big part in the purchase? Would you ever stop buying printed books?
We purchase our books both online and the bookstore. Some of us prefer to read a digital book for the convenience and some of us are traditionalist and prefer to have the actual book in their hands. Sometimes it is nothing like holding a book in your hands and turning the page because you are anxious to find out what comes next.


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