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Book lovers join us on Monday and Wednesday nights for the most stimulating conversation on the planet. Meet new authors, hear the latest literary news and fellowship with other book lovers! Call into the literary themed radio show at 646. 200.0402.

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Join the EDC Creations Virtual Book Tour

Welcome to Black Pearls Magazine, where authors get their chance to shine and book lovers get the chance to discover priceless literary gems. Our readers can dream as big as possible and let their imaginations become unbridled as they explore the media rooms at Black Pearls!   We are celebrating those with the unique vision of what's important to our readers. Join us and share your thoughts--in our comments section  or  in the BPM community--on literature, careers, fitness, style, enriching personal growth and more. Become a voice and unwrap the power in you today! 

Ella D. Curry, editor-in-chief  Black Pearls Magazine
President of  EDC Creations Media Group 
EDC Creations website: 


Thank you so much for partnering with me on promoting some of the most talented authors in the business!  EDC Creations virtual book tours are geared toward bringing authors and readers together in more intimate settings. The reader will receive great books to review and take a trip inside the world of a published author for a few weeks. Many of you might decide to write your own book before it’s over!

Thousands of people — educators, concerned parents, community leaders, authors, poets and publishers — devote their time and resources to presenting the reader with great books!  However, too many outstanding books do not get the attention and reader support that they deserve. It is our mission to connect readers with these hidden gems and bring them books that will change their lives!  Listed below are just a few of the many awesome books on our shelves.

Please consider hosting the authors showcased here for at least one week on your FaceBook page or blog. Each December most bookclubs select their Book-Of-The-Month for the year. Take a look at the books below and select them to become your BOM. You won't be disappointed! 

Warmest regards,

Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations Media
Black Authors Network Radio-Founder
Black Pearls Magazine -Founder


Once Upon a Holiday Book Tour 

Starts November 1 and Ends November 30, 2011  

Join the online holiday book tour

Readers, in order to join the holiday book tour visit the authors’ media room and take their promotional material back to your network. Once you have posted the material, email Ella Curry with your list of links. The host with the most comments or postings will receive the featured grand prize for the book tour. The five (5) runner-ups will receive a gift book from a featured author. 
Join the online holiday book tour by selecting one:
• Hosting a Skype phone session with the author and 20+ of your friends
• Hosting a TweetChat with the author and 20+ of your friends
• Hosting a TinyChat video meeting with the author and your friends
• Reposting their book excerpts and interviews on your FaceBook Notes
• Reposting their book news on your daily updates on social media websites

Please email Ella Curry your blog or website address, valid email address and your home mailing address.  ALL participants will receive a book gift from EDC Creations and our publishing partners!  We appreciate each of you for helping us support the authors and uplifting the craft of writing!  Email Ella at: 

How to Participate in the Online Book Tour - listed below are a few suggestions on posting the material for your friends and network to enjoy!

1. Select the authors you are supporting. Visit their media rooms and read the material. Use this hashtag in ALL postings [ #edcbooktours ] on ALL social networks. Think about what your readers would like to see.

2. Repost links to their media room in your status updates on social media sites.

3. Take material from the media room and post on your blogs, websites or FaceBook Notes. Leave all links and disclaimers in place! Do not alter the text or links in any way. 

4. Tell your network about the authors and the books. Consider selecting the featured books as your next Book of the Month. Post all future book reviews online. Share the links with Ella Curry.

5. Post the featured books on your FB profile for 3 days. Post your review of the book on FB, Twitter, Black Expressions and Amazon or other online retailers.

6. Once you finish posting, send Ella Curry a complete list of the posts you created and the sites you used. EDC Creations will track your posts. We will notify all winners via email and post the winners to the front of Black Pearls Magazine:  

Visit the Featured Authors' Media Rooms
The Once Upon a Holiday Book Tour starts November 1 and ends November 30, 2011.   The grand prize for this book tour is a beautiful tote bag filled with books. Most of the books are autographed by the authors!  Several of the books are 2012 releases that are not on the shelves yet!   The winner of the HOPE tote will be announced on the  Black Pearls Magazine front page on December 5, 2011. Email Ella Curry immediately upon joining the tour with your selected method of participation, so that she can track your tour results. 

All of the authors are available for Skype sessions, Twitter chats, radio and blog tours, bookclub meetings, written interviews, book signings, speaking engagements, etc.  To schedule the author, please email requests to Ella Curry at:  Subject Line: EDC Book Tour Author Request.


• Andrea Clinton Media Room
A Blessing and A Curse - Urban Fiction  

• Electa Rome Parks Media Room 
The Stalker Chronicles - Adult Fiction 

• Francis Ray Media Room 
All Romance Titles
THE WISH, A Special Holiday eBook 
A SEDUCTIVE KISS, A Grayson Friends Novel #5 

• Jacqueline E. Luckett Media Room 
Passing Love - Adult Fiction 

• Lutishia Lovely Media Room 
All Adult Fiction Titles
The Business Trilogy and The Hallelujah Love Series 

• Marian L. Thomas Media Room 
All Adult Fiction Titles
My Father's Colors and Color Me Jazzmyne 

• Mary Monroe Media Room 
All Adult Fiction Titles
Mama Ruby Prequel to the Upper Room 

• Pamela Samuels Young Media Room 
Buying Time and Murder on the Down Low - Legal/Crime Thrillers 

• Sherryle Kiser Jackson Media Room 
All Titles Faith-based Fiction
Taylor-Made and Soon After  

Purchase the Featured Books
All of the featured books are available wherever books are sold. Most of the book are now available for pre-order or download on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and all online retailers.  Visit the EDC Creations bookstore to purchase books, share this aStore with your friends too: 

EDC Creations Book Reviewers, download the Kindle app for your home computer  to read ebooks without a Kindle eReader. You do not need a Kindle OR Nook to read the ebooks. You can read them on several other devices! 

• Download the Kindle App for your PC 
• Download the Nook App for your PC


Books featured in the HOPE Survivors Gift bag:

• Passing Love by Jacqueline E. Luckett 
• Single Husbands by Honey B.
• Next Door Nympho by CJ Hudson
• Football Widows by Pat Tucker
• Love for Tomorrow by Vanessa Miller 
• Taylor Made by Sherryle K. Jackson 
• Forever Soul Ties by Vanessa Davis Griggs
• Breaking the Ties that Bind by Gwynne Forster
• Playing the Hand You are Dealt by Trice Hickman
• The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Part 1: The Witnesses
• Rise of the Phoenix: Larger Than Lyfe II  by Cynthia D. Thornton 
• The Get 'Em Girls' Guide to the Power of Cuisine  by Shakara Bridgers

Reader, Ollie Moss received the $150.00 box of books for September 2011. 

All reports of the posted links are due on or before November 30, 2011.  A winner will be selected by the popularity of the comments and the volume of posts made. The host with the most comments or postings will receive the featured grand prize for the book tour. The five (5) runner-ups will receive a gift book. Email Ella at: with your reports.



If you need help in learning how to host an author online, here are a few great links offering tips and advice for video and phone chats with the authors. If you have any questions, feel free to email Ella Curry.

1. VIDEO:  How to Set Up FaceBook Video Chat - view here.   Instructions: Add the author as your friend on FaceBook. Setup the FaceBook Video App. Invite friends over to join the video chat with the author. Group chat is coming  to FB soon!  More details on FaceBook Video Chats -  

Host a chat session on your actual FaceBook page with an author:
• Invite the author to a FaceBook chat on your profile page or group. Establish a date and time for the FB meet-and-greet. Discuss your plans and a topic for the FB chat.

• Post the bookcover image or the author’s photo with all of the event details in the description. Post the links to the author's media room.

• Promote the Facebook chat session on your status updates daily. Invite friends to join in the conversation. Keep the author updated about the event details.

• Announce the chat session throughout the day and up to 30 minutes before the event. Start the chat on time and plan your questions for the author.

• Start a Facebook thread with your status updates announcing the author and the book. Once the author posts to the thread, chat away!

2. Video Chat with AnyMeeting - view details here.  Use your webcam to add that personal touch, it’s almost like being there in person with the author. Up to 6 people can video conference simultaneously. 

3. How to use TinyChat for online meetings and conferences - watch the video on creating a chat session here:  Setup a Tinychat account for free:  Create a special chatroom for your party. Share the link to your chatroom with Ella, the author and your group of friends. Use your webcam or phone cam for the event. 

4. GroupMe Phone Party - more details here. A great new app from Skype that allows you to bring in your cellphone directory for a group chat.  Awesome for author meet and greets!  GroupMe is the easiest way to chat with people and groups wherever you are from a phone. 

5. Host a Twitter Book Launch Party with TweetChat - view details here.  
If you need help planning a Twitter Party go here today.   

• How to Host a Great Twitter Chat - view planning tips and advice here

• 5 Keys to Having a Successful Twitter Party  - view tips and advice here.  

Thank you for all of your support! 
We could not create bestsellers without each of you leading the way. We appreciate your purchases, reposts and your loyalty to EDC Creations and our clients!

The Black Pearls Magazine
family would like to take the time to thank each of you for joining us monthly in celebrating the best in literature and the arts.  Our team of writers, bookclubs and authors are so humbled that you have allowed us entrance into your life. It amazes me each month as I check our subscribers how many of  you deem us worthy of your time and support. 

We appreciate each of you for telling 10 people about the magazine and for driving people to this site. YOU make Black Pearls the magnificent publication that it is, by sharing the Gift of Knowledge!

Please know, as we prepare each issue for you, we look for those stimulating conversations, the most thought provoking articles and most of all, the best books on the shelves. We want each page of this magazine to add value to your lives!  Your comments and feedback are welcomed. Join our blog and share your news, advice and wisdom with the other readers. Tell us what you want to read too!

As we take off in this new decade we hope to bring you more provocative topics and life empowering books to shape your lives. We have contests for the readers and more interactive sections added to the magazine. Let us know what you think of the fresh new content by emailing us here.  Thank you!
Warmest regards,

Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations Media
Black Authors Network Radio-Founder
Black Pearls Magazine -Founder


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