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Rebroadcast of 2010 Past Events

Sankofa Literary Society presents...
3rd Annual Black History Month Online Book Fair

In honor of Black History Month, the Sankofa Literary Society  hosted  an online book fair. This phenomenal online experience will highlight African-Americans in the literary world including authors and publishing leaders. The event will include an online chat and panel discussions broadcast over internet radio. The SLS and founder Ella Curry are focused on bringing back pride to African-American literature. Readers will be treated to exclusive interviews, video and audio blogging, author showcases, real time chats in Facebook, open forum chat sessions on BAN Radio and other fun and entertaining features. All events are free and hosted totally on the Internet.

The SLS Black History Month On-line Book Fair 
 Each week members of the African American literary community will participate in online discussions. Authors, agents, reporters, publishers, spoken word artists, poets and bookstore owners, will participate in these discussions. They will discuss African-American literacy and the importance of celebrating Black History all year long. The event is currently being promoted by RSS feed syndication to 130 feeds or directories, internet radio and by EDC Creations Media Groups vast network of readers.  

Each day of the BHM online  event will feature a specific theme related to people of color.  This year's themes include:

February 1-28,  view interviews and articles here.  
2000-2010 African-American Pioneers and Legends
Intimate Conversation Interviews and Book Showcase

February 11, on BAN Radio Show 8-10pm EST
Parenting with Purpose Panel Discussion
African American Culture Shock and Literature
Listen now>

February 12, on BAN Radio Show 8-10:30pm EST
State of Black Marriage and Relationships
" Is the Black Marriage Dead or Diseased?"
Couples GET REAL Panel Discussion
Listen now>

February  15, on BAN Radio Show 8-10pm EST
Spotlight: Go On Girl! Book Club as Literary Leaders
Go On Girl! Book Club interviews 2010 Reading List Authors
Listen now>

 February 16,  on BAN Radio Show 8-10pm EST
Financial Wellness and Awareness
Listen now>

February  17, on BAN Radio Show 8-10:30pm EST
Action Plan 2010 Publishing Seminar
Social Media Network Panel Discussion
The Author Collective Showcase
Turning Your Passion to Profits
Listen now>

February 18, on BAN Radio Show 8-10:30pm EST
State of the Black Family Relationships
"Building the Dream" Panel Discussion
Listen now>

February 19, on BAN Radio Show 8-10:30pm EST
Bringing Our Pride Back
How We Love Panel Discussion
Celebrating and Embracing Black Love
Listen now>

February  22, on BAN Radio Show 8-10:30pm EST
Stacy Hawkins Adams reads live from her new book
Black Pearls Magazine Watch List Showcase
Listen now>

February 24, on BAN Radio Show 8-10:30pm EST
Motivating Our Communities from the Inside
Children books and YA community discussion
Listen now>

February 25, on BAN Radio Show 8-10:30pm EST (RESCHEDULED)
Urban Lifestyles and Interviews
Telling It Our Way: Why it Matters Panel Discussion

March  1-13, 2010, view the showcase here.   
Today's African American Firsts Blog
  Meet the Women of Lit 2010
Intimate Conversations with Women Entrepreneurs

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Black Authors Network Radio 
Legends and Leaders Showcase
Monday, February 15th from 8-10pm EST 

The Go On Girl! Book Club
representatives will be joined by their favorite authors including: 

Sonia Sanchez - 2009 Life Achievement Winner (rescheduled)
Kwei Quartey - Jan. 2010 Author of Wife of the Gods 
Attica Locke - March 2010 Author of Black Water Rising 
Carleen Brice - Sept. 2008 Author Orange Mint & Honey 
Ravi Howard - 2008 Best New Author Winner

Listen to the show now:

Book lovers
, join host Ella Curry, the members of Go On Girl! Book Club and authors Carleen Brice (Orange Mint & Honey), Ravi Howard (Like Trees Walking), Attica Locke (Black Water Rising), Kwei Quartey (Wife of the Gods) and Sonia Sanchez (Morning Haiku) on the Black Authors Network on Monday, February 15th from 8pm to 10pm. EST

The Go On Girl! Book Club will discuss their 19 year history, 2010 reading list, upcoming author awards in Alabama and 20th Anniversary event in 2011. 

Tune in at  or call (646) 200-0402 to speak to the authors about their books.

Go On Girl! Book Club is one of the largest national reading groups in the U.S. for black women. The organization was founded in 1991 in New York City by Lynda M. Johnson, Monique Greenwood and Tracy Mitchell. 
   Today the organization has 31 chapters in 13 states including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, Virginia, Indiana, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina and Washington, D.C.

For more information visit 


Black Pearls Literary Events

Take a moment and check out the slideshows  and radio broadcasts of our events. We interview bookclubs and reader's groups weekly as well as the talented authors. Throughout the year the publisher of Black Pearls, Ella Curry, attends most of the major literary events.  We provide media coverage for the events and the authors.  Take a peek below at some of the fun had by all!

If you are having a literary themed event or would like Black Pearls Magazine to showcase your event in the magazine, please email Ella Curry at:


Real Couples Speak Up and Out! 
Single Authors Embrace Marriage! 

Don't Settle for Lies and Half-truths about Black Marriage 

If you watched the recent special on ABC's Nightline examining "Why so many Black women are single," you might have walked away feeling as if Black Marriage and committed relationships were a dying breed. We took this discussion to the next level on the Black Authors Network Radio Show! We brought in 10 authors who have written on the dynamics of family relationships, marriages, divorce and dating. 

Featured Author Experts:   

Poet Nakia R. Laushaul (Write Some Cents Into It Presenter);  Nanette Buchanan (Bruised Love); Cheryl Lacey Donovan and Keith Donovan (Do You Still Do?); Paulette Harper (That Was Then, This Is Now); Kym Fisher and Harold Fisher (WriteHand Assistant); T.S. Jones (Everything But The Ring?); Arnita Fields (And the Beat Goes On, Poems from a Restored Marriage); and Jahzara (The Diva's Dating Assessment Tool: Girl, PLEASE!) 

Happily ever after can only occur if two individuals are or become healthy on all levels; healthy enough to love unconditionally, healthy enough to be complete in their own right and healthy enough to to trust God in all things including marriage. 

Do You Still Do? Is an insightful look into the realities of marriage. The book will equip couples with the attitudes, principles, and skills they need. Take this journey with us into the "Never Never Land" of Happily Ever After as we seek to demystify the fairy tales of the wicked witch and defy the oncoming attacks of the Big Bad Wolf. Happily Ever after can happen if you stop wishing upon a star and begin instead to look to God for your perfect ending.  

Listen here to the Couple Getting Real on Relationships and Marriage. 
Is the Black Marriage Dead or Diseased?  

Authors Discussing How We Love-Part 1 
The Sankofa Literary Society celebrates Black History with bestselling authors Pamela Samuels Young (Buying Time),  Electa Rome Parks (Diary of a Stalker)  and Stacey Covington Lee (The Knife in My Back).  Each author discusses the relationships in their new books.  BAN Radio Broadcast.


Parenting with Purpose Panel Discussion 

Featured Author Experts:   
Dr. Natalie A. Francisco
: Founder and executive director of the Women of Worth Conference and the Women of Worth and Worship Institute in 2007; as well as author of Wisdom for Women of Worth and Worship;  Terrie Lynn: author of What You Think You Know, You Don't. This is an uncut talk with teen girls about dating, relationships, sex, and teen pregnancy  and  Lamar Tyler along with his wife Ronnie run the largest independent site on the web dedicated to marriage and parenting in the African American community titled, Black and Married With  
BAN Radio Broadcast.





2009 Bookclubs Year in Review




EDC Creations 2009 Year in Review



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  EDC Creations 2009 Books of the Year




The Black Pearls Magazine family wants to take the time to thank each of you for joining us monthly in celebrating the best in literature and the arts.  Our team of writers, bookclubs and authors are so humbled that you have allowed us entrance into your life. It amazes me each month as I check our subscribers how many of  you deem us worthy of your time and support.  We appreciate each of you for telling 10 people about the magazine and for driving people to this site. YOU make Black Pearls the magnificent publication that it is, by sharing the gift of knowledge!

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Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations
Founder & Editor In Chief Black Pearls Magazine