COPYCAT by Kimberla Lawson Roby

From the New York Times bestselling author who “writes with high-octane levels of emotion” (USA Today).

Befriending Traci Calloway Cole is the best thing Simone Phillips has ever done. Traci is the kind of woman Simone wants to be-in every way possible. She begins copying her role model. Not because she wants to be Traci. She just wants to be exactly like Traci.

Traci doesn’t worry, though. She knows Simone doesn’t mean any harm and that her mimicry is only sincere admiration. Until she discovers how far Simone’s obsession has gone.

It is then that Simone’s entire world begins unraveling, and dreadful secrets from her past are exposed with no warning. Secrets that she’ll do almost anything to protect.


Review for COPYCAT by Kimberla Lawson Roby
Written by Christine Pauls, Wilmington, DE

First, let me say that I have read quite a few of Kimberla Lawson Roby’s books, so I am a fan. I was more than excited to be selected by Ella Curry to be a reviewer for this book before its scheduled release in January of 2017. My intention was to start the book and finish it in a few days, but I ended up reading it in one sitting. Why? Because it was that good!

Simone Philips becomes completely infatuated with best-selling author, Traci Calloway- Cole to the point that it becomes unhealthy. She goes to extreme measures to imitate the author’s life personally and professionally.

The story pushes the boundaries of friendship, faith, family, and forgiveness. It brings home the importance of being your own unique self and secrets accompanied with lies do not stay hidden. They will come back to bite you in the end. We all have different paths to walk and it’s impossible to succeed by attempting to live a life that is not designed for you.

Simone’s issues were deeply rooted. It wasn’t mental, in my opinion, but more of her trying to compensate for what she lacked in her own reality, whether current day or time passed. In the end, as I continued to turn the pages, I felt a sense of compassion for her more than anger for the things she’d done. I enjoyed the book and give it 4 stars!

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